We got sick of it being such a pain for AMERICANS to find decent content on AMERICAN soccer, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Power Header was birthed off the minds (no pun intended) of hard fighting college defenders and their roommates that they got into the beautiful game. Following everything from MLS, to the USMNT and WNT, to the journey of Christian Pulisic to hopefully- fingers crossed- become the greatest American to ever touch a soccer ball, Power Header will inconsistently provide you with the latest stories, rumors, and general bullshit being tossed around the soccer world in an attempt to bring the average, lazy American soccer fan easily accessible soccer content at their favorite price: $0.00 forever.

No matter how big we get (***SPOILER ALERT***), which will never be very big, our content will be 100% free- because if it wasn’t nobody is going to pay for this below average soccer blog anyway.

Regardless, we welcome you to Power Header and hope that we provide you with some sort of insight to the American soccer world, whether you’ve never touched a soccer ball or you’ve thrown on the USMNT jersey.

Let freedom ring.