This week, U.S. Soccer released a gallery of photos that signified that the USWNT has began preparations for the SheBelieves Cup. Granted, the team has only begun weight training, but it’s still exciting news.

I mean, if seeing Becky Sauerbrunn in boxing gloves doesn’t get you absolutely pumped, then you’re probably not a die-hard USWNT fan. Normally, I would say that’s fine. But when it comes to the WNT, it’s not.

The United States has been blessed with the greatest athletes on the planet, showcased every four years at the Olympics (and even during the Winter Olympics). But, thanks to lack of funding, poor youth structure, and the popularity of football, none of these athletes are normally soccer players. When it comes to the WNT, though, we have the best in the world.

The men may be looking at probably another millennium before they can compete for actual glory at the World Cup, unless the young players that are coming through live up to the hype for once, but the women have had success multiple times at both the World Cup and the Olympics. So when the WNT is back, the pride and joy of U.S. Soccer is back.


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