Seba Says No to China: MLS Still Sucks

Disclaimer: I love the MLS.

Toronto FC star Sebastian Giovinco is just one of, well, literally every player who has scored a goal in the past decade that has been linked with a move to one of China’s money tree clubs. However, unlike Oscar, Ramires, Lavezzi, Witsel, TEVEZ, and all the other players that “aren’t just moving for the money,” Giovinco gave them the correct answer: I’m not going to China.

FINALLY a player says no to boatloads of cold hard Chinese cash. I mean, so did Higuain, apparently Ronaldo— but Madrid was never going to accept a bid, Wayne Rooney for now. But FINALLY a player said no. Now, this stroke of sanity in no way makes the MLS any better than we all know it is: terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I love the MLS as much (more) than the next guy, but it is a terrible league with awful rules, a much too Americanized format, an incompetent commissioner, and, for whatever God forsaken reason, a fucking salary cap.

Giovinco said no to China, but not because he’s pumped that he’s in the MLS. Seba has been undoubtedly the best player in the MLS over the past few seasons. But when his agent explained why Seba turned down Beijing Billionaires or whatever moneybag team, he said this:

““The money was not right for Toronto and it wasn’t right for him either, but let’s see. When you talk about the transfer market, it’s always a case of ‘for now,’”

FOR NOW?! MLS fans are excited because the best player in the league said he’s staying FOR NOW?! It wasn’t even a case of “I really just don’t want to live in China” which I would totally respect, I wouldn’t want to live in China either. It’s just that the money wasn’t right. MLS fans are celebrating like the league added a couple stars to its world reputation, but really Seba is holding out for a couple more zeros, or probably just Europe.


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